Military Leave of Absence

The following is a summary of the impact your military service will have on your College of Medicine Fringe Benefit Program. For detailed information pertaining to policy exclusions, please refer to the Summary Plan Document for each of the insurance plans provided.

Please review the notice provided at as it contains your specific rights under USERRA. Your rights include re-employment; health insurance protection; and your rights to be free from discrimination and retaliation.

Group Health Coverage

  • USERRA guidelines state coverage will be made available to the employee (and dependents) for 24 months.
  • The College will pay the premium for the first twelve months of coverage.
  • At the end of the twelve month period, the employee is responsible for premium payment.
  • It is very important to understand that the health policy will provide no coverage for the employee while on active duty—the employee’s health coverage will be provided by the military. The policy will provide coverage for the employee when not on active duty (leave, etc.)
  • For the dependents however, the College of Medicine group health plan is primary, and any health coverage provided by the military will be secondary coverage.

Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Long Term Disability Coverage

  • The policy provisions state the coverage extends (and the College will pay the premium) to the end of the month following the month the employee is actually placed on “military leave of absence.”
  • Life Insurance Coverage beyond this period of time is available through conversion to an individual policy.
  • It is very important to understand that no coverage is provided for accident, death or disability incurred in the course of military service as of the first day of military service.
  • Continuation of Long Term Disability coverage is not available while on military leave of absence.

Retirement Contributions

Employees on military leave of absence will receive full retirement credit for the period of such leave upon their return to employment. The State Comptroller will make the appropriate retirement contribution on any salary paid to employee during military leave. When the employee returns to work, the university will pay the additional contribution necessary to make up the difference between any contribution made on supplemental salary and the contribution that would have been paid on gross salary at the time military leave was granted.