Off-Boarding Faculty & Staff Guideline

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It is the intention of the COM-Human Resources (COM-HR) Department to ensure employee departures are handled and facilitated in a professional manner with minimal disruption to the campus community. An effective and consistent Off-Boarding process plays an important role in protecting the interests of both the College of Medicine and the departing employee. In addition, it is important to remember that past employees will continue to act as ambassadors regarding the work environment and can serve as a terrific source for referrals.


Therefore, Off-Boarding an employee is important both in voluntary departures (that is, when an employee resigns or retires) and in involuntary departures (when an employee’s contract ends or the employee is terminated, laid-off, or non-renewed). Elements of Off-Boarding are equally important when an employee transfers internally to a new position within the college or university. The following procedures serve to facilitate a smooth transition.


1. When voluntarily departing from University employment, employees should provide a letter of resignation/retirement to their appropriate manager. Employees are requested to provide as much notice as possible and should include their expected last day of actual work.  Faculty are required to provide a minimum notice of at least four months; TEAMS and USPS are required to provide two weeks advance notice for non-exempt staff and one month advance notice for exempt staff.

  • It is recommended that the last day of employment be an actual day of work. Only Clinical Faculty may use accrued leave as the final thirty days of the notice period.

2. The manager should confirm receipt of the employee’s resignation/letter electronically.

3. The manager or departmental designee must then send the resignation/retirement letter and manager receipt confirmation to their department HR representative.

4. The department HR representative will complete the COM-HR online Employee Departure notification form, which includes uploading the letter of resignation/retirement.

5. The HR representative will receive written confirmation of receipt from COM-HR.

6. COM-HR will provide the employee specific information as it relates to:

  • Final paycheck date
  • Information regarding payment of Unused Annual Leave, if applicable
  • Benefits End Date
    • Gatorcare, State Sponsored Plans, and UF Select Plans have different coverage end dates.
  • Retirement Plan Contact Information
  • Change of Address Instructions

7. All departing Employees are invited to complete a confidential, electronic Departure Survey. An email will be sent the departing employee containing the link to the survey. Additionally, voluntary, in-person Departure Interviews are available upon request. Faculty can schedule an individual Departure Interview by contacting the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development at (352) 294-5343. Staff can schedule a voluntary, in-person Departure Interview by contacting COM-HR office at (352) 265-8017 or via email.

8. All departing Employees are invited to contact the COM-HR office for benefits coverage end dates and portability. An email will be sent to the departing employee with more information.

9. During the transition period (notice period) the manager and departing employee should coordinate any work in progress to assure the least amount of disruption as possible for the department and campus community. The Knowledge Transfer Guide can help guide these conversations.

10. Employees are expected to return all University property in their possession and settle their financial accounts in advance of the last day worked. Departments are encouraged to use the Off-Boarding Checklist to help guide these action items.

11. The employee’s immediate supervisor is responsible for ensuring proper separation procedures are followed and for notifying the Department Head if property or keys are not returned or if outstanding account balances are not settled.

12. Once employment has ended, former employees must continue to notify UFHR with any address changes for the remainder of the calendar year so their W-2 may be forwarded as appropriate.

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