OPS and Student Assistant Recruitment and Hiring

  1. Departments are responsible for insuring that they have sufficient funding to cover OPS and Student Assistant positions.
  2. If the department elects to advertise a position for an OPS/Student Assistant, input a requisition into GatorJobs and submit for posting. If you already have a candidate in mind and do not need to advertise the position, skip steps 2-6.
  3. COM-HR will review and approve the requisition at Level 1 (Approver).
  4. Hiring Authority appoints a search committee (if desired) and provides a clear and precise charge to the committee. Upon appointment, and prior to participating in a search, Search Committee Members complete the University-sponsored on-line Search Committee Tutorial.
  5. After the recruitment deadline, the Search Committee Members (or the hiring authority if no search committee was appointed) should review applications and make recommendations of applicants who warrant further Consideration. All Search Committee meetings are subject to Florida Public Records Law and notice of such meetings must be posted. Committees are required to retain minutes of their meetings. Minutes should record dates, names of committee members and those present and topics discussed.
  6. Schedule and hold interviews. Select final candidate.
  7. Request your HR recruiter verify highest level education for final candidate if they are a US college graduate. If they are a foreign college graduate, the department should contact a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services member to verify the degree. NACES members can be found online at http://www.naces.org/. Please note that for medical graduates who will receive a medical license, a copy of the degree confirmation from the FCVS packet will be acceptable. *If needing to verify high school graduation, please contact your COM-HR Business Partner.
  1. Once the hire has been approved to move forward, you may offer the position to the proposed hire.
  2. Click on the applicable pdf below for the remainder of the OPS/Student Assistant hire process:
  • For US Citizen or Permanent Resident, Click Here for further instruction
  • For Foreign National, Click Here for further instruction

****Please note requirements may vary for departments funded by UF Health (i.e. Anesthesiology, Congenital Heart Center, Emergency Medicine, Medicine-Hospital Medicine).****


Updated: 11.8.18