Reappointment Process

In March 2010 the University of Florida changed its regulations governing the employment of postdoctoral associates.  One of the changes involved limiting the length of time a postdoctoral associate may be employed with the University to no more than four years with an allowance for an appointment extension beyond the four years subject to the approval of the Dean and the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs.  In response to this regulation change, the College of Medicine developed a “Postdoc Career Guide” that describes the appointment and training processes for postdoctoral associates employed by the College of Medicine.

This is a reminder that all postdocs who are paid from a T32, T35, T90 or F32 grant award should be appointed as postdoctoral fellows, NOT postdoctoral associates.
Incorrect appointments can cause negative consequences to leave, benefits, income tax and FICA among other items.
If you have a postdoctoral associate whose payment charges will be transferred to one of the above sources, please process a termination for the postdoctoral associate appointment and complete the appropriate documentation to appoint them as postdoctoral fellows with the date they are being paid from those sources.

Your options regarding implementing the provisions of the College of Medicine’s Postdoc Career Guide are as follows:

1.  If your department wishes to request an extension based upon the guidelines in the Postdoc Career Guide, a postdoc extension request needs to be completed and submitted.  Such requests must be signed by the department chair and include a description of the postdoctoral associate’s duties, a detailed justification that supports the appointment extension request, and a mentoring plan for furthering the employee’s career.  Because there are no guarantees that appointment extensions will be approved, requests to extend the appointments of postdoctoral associates must be based on a very specific, short-term need that cannot be met with current faculty, staff, or other postdoctoral associates.  Therefore, a request must clearly describe the need for an appointment extension.

2.  If your department elects not to request an appointment extension for a postdoctoral associate, or if an appointment extension that was requested subsequently is not approved, you will need to initiate one of the following actions:

  • The postdoctoral associate submits a voluntary letter of resignation
  • The postdoctoral associate is provided a 45-day written notice of nonrenewal.  This process requires a review and approval from the Health Science Center’s Office of Human Resources Services before issuing a letter of non-renewal.
  • The postdoctoral associate is appointed to a different type of position (i.e., faculty, adjunct, TEAMS, OPS).  You must follow appropriate recruitment guidelines in order to effect these appointments.