Faculty Recruitment and Hiring

Complete the following and forward as scanned PDF documents to com-recruitment-l@lists.ufl.edu .  On the subject line of the email, please include the following: Department ID, “Faculty”, Position number, “Recruit” and IF funding includes unrestricted and/or restricted sources, include “unrestricted” and/or “restricted”.

  1. Hiring Form (for all faculty positions) & Financial Proforma (for faculty with clinical responsibility or that will have any portion of their salaries funded by unrestricted dollars).
  • Must have a position # assigned
  • For replacement positions, use the current incumbent’s position number unless the individual is not yet terminated in MyUFL.  If they are still active in MyUFL, create a new position or use an existing “unfilled” position number.
  • Follow these instructions to create a new position number
  • Requests for new or replacement positions will be reviewed. Department can proceed with advertisement of position after receiving approved Hiring Form.
  1. The Hiring Authority (cannot be on the committee) appoints a search committee consisting of a chair and at least 2 members, and provides a clear and precise charge to the committee. Upon appointment, and prior to participating in a search, Search Committee Members complete the University-sponsored on-line tutorial. More resources for Faculty Search Committees can be found at: http://hr.ufl.edu/learnandgrow/toolkits-resource-center/human-resources-toolkits/faculty-search-committee/.
  1. Post the approved position in Careers at UF to obtain a requisition number. Post outside advertisements in at least one national publication – online or printed format (The Chronicle of Higher Education is free).  It is the department’s responsibility to make sure all outside ads post and to print a copy of the ads. It’s best to check the websites 24 hours after the ad goes live on Careers at UF. If you don’t see it, contact the recruiter to have it posted manually.
  • The COM-HR best practice is to post position “Open Until Filled”, with a statement in the special instruction field of the requisition stating when the search committee will begin reviewing applications. For example: “Initial review of applications will begin {Month} {Day}, {Year}, and continue until a sufficient applicant pool is identified.”

See Advertisement search tips for tips on how to find your ad on The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Please note: Advertising requirements vary when hiring foreign nationals. Please contact COM-HR if you anticipate this prospect prior to placing outside ads.

  1. After the recruitment deadline, the Search Committee Members should review applications and make recommendations of applicants who warrant further Consideration. All Search Committee meetings are subject to Florida Public Records Law and notice of such meetings must be posted. Email the recruiter with the date, time and place of the meeting and he/she will post it online.  Committees are required to retain minutes of their meetings. Minutes should record dates, names of committee members and those present and topics discussed. Department should close the requisition posting if posted as “open until filled” once a candidate has been identified or there is a satisfactory applicant pool.
  1. Schedule and hold interviews. Select final candidate. Document reference checks (3 required) made by phone OR collect 3 letters of recommendation for final candidate.
  1. Forward the draft offer letter via email to COM-APPOFFERLETTERS-L@lists.ufl.edu for review.  Please indicate the requisition number, Department ID, “Faculty”, requisition number, Position number, and “Hire” in subject line of the email.  Include the below in the body of the email:
  • Indicate chartfields to be charged as well as whether the requisition used only online applications
  • Copies of at least one outside advertisement (online Chronicle of Higher Education meets this requirement)
  • If the final candidate is a foreign national on a visa, please indicate whether he/she will be requesting a Social Security number
  • For faculty with clinical responsibility, if the CV does not indicate the state in which they hold a medical license, please obtain this information and include it in the body of your email
  1. Complete interview/hire data in Careers at UF (see Evaluating Applicants in Careers at UF: Faculty & Postdocs) and complete Faculty Compliance Report and Self Identity Statement (only necessary if posted without requiring all applications online).
  2. After the offer letter is signed by the Dean, the electronic version will be returned to the department to forward to the final candidate.
  3. Request your HR recruiter verify highest level education for final candidate if they are a US graduate. If they are a foreign graduate, the department should contact a National Association of Credential
    Evaluation Services member to verify the degree. NACES members can be found online at http://www.naces.org/. Please note that for medical graduates who will receive a medical license, a copy of the degree confirmation from the FCVS packet will be acceptable to verify education.
  4. Forward packet to your final candidate including the following documents for completion/signature and return. Once returned, please move forward with the links below to finalize paperwork and enter hire ePAF(s) for Faculty.
  • For US Citizen or Permanent Resident, Click Here for further instruction.
  • For Foreign National, Click Here for further instruction.

Updated: 1.2.19