TEAMS Recruitment and Hiring

1. Complete the following and forward as scanned PDF documents to  On the subject line of the email, please include the following: Department ID, “TEAMS”, Position number, “recruit” and IF funding includes unrestricted and/or restricted sources, include “unrestricted” and/or “restricted”.  *If the position is a mid-level provider you may leave the position number off of the initial submission because if the position is posted through Shands instead of UF, a position number is not required.

Hiring Form Financial Proforma (if applicable) and Mid-Level Provider Recruitment Questionnaire (if applicable)

  • Must have a position # assigned.
  • For replacement positions, use the current incumbent’s position # unless you plan to update the position prior to posting.  If you need a different title, FTE or department ID, you should update an existing unfilled position number or create a new position.
  • For instructions regarding how to create a new position .
  • If the request involves the recruitment of a mid-level provider for which UF Health Shands credentials are required, a Financial Proforma and the mid-level provider recruitment questionnaire must be completed and included with the documents scanned to the recruitment listserv.  These positions will be coordinated through UF Health Shands HR following approval and will not utilize the following College of Medicine recruitment and hire guidelines.
  • Requests for new or replacement positions funded 100% by restricted funds (Externally funded contract or grant, foundation, overhead, miscellaneous donors or Auxiliary funds) will be reviewed by the budget office for tracking purposes.
  • All other positions (new or replacement positions funded either in full or part by unrestricted funds) must await approved Hiring Form prior to proceeding with advertisement.

2. Hiring Authority appoints a search committee (for Director and higher level positions) and provides a clear and precise charge to the committee.

3. Post the approved position in Careers at UF to obtain a requisition number. Post outside advertisements (optional) – online or printed format.  Instructions for Careers at UF can be found in the MyUFL Toolkits for Careers at UF.

Please note: Advertising requirements vary when hiring foreign nationals. Please contact the COM-HR office if you anticipate this prospect prior to placing outside ads.

4. After the recruitment deadline, the Search Committee Members (or hiring authority if no search committee is appointed) should review applications and make recommendations of applicants who warrant further consideration. All Search Committee meetings are subject to Florida Public Records Law and notice of such meetings must be posted. Email the recruiter with the date, time and place of the meeting and he/she will post it online.  Committees are required to retain minutes of their meetings. Minutes should record dates, names of committee members and those present and topics discussed.

5. Schedule and hold interviews. Select final candidate.

**If the final candidate is a current College of Medicine employee, salary approval from COM-HR is required.

**If you want to offer a salary that exceeds the College of Medicine posting range, you must send a justification with CV or application to for approval prior to moving forward.

6. Before making a verbal or written offer, update all applicant status’ in Careers at UF (see Dispensing Applicants in Careers at UF) for your requisition in order to obtain clearance for final candidate. When the applicant is cleared for hire by UF HR, the department will receive an email giving clearance via the “Careers at UF” system.  In addition, for US graduates, your campus recruiter will attach verification of highest degree.

7. Complete the Experience Verification Form (if applicable) to ensure that your final candidate has the appropriate experience for the position you are filling.

8. Verify the highest level education for the final candidate if they are a graduate from a foreign institution. The department should contact a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services member to verify the degree. NACES members can be found online at

9. Complete the following and forward draft to  On the subject line of the email, please include the following: Department ID, “TEAMS”, Position number, “hire” and IF funding includes unrestricted and/or restricted sources, include “unrestricted” and/or “restricted”.

  •  Email including the position # and the requisition # you are filling, the citizenship status of the final candidate and the chartfield(s) that will fund the salary.
  •  If the final candidate is a foreign national on a visa, please indicate whether he/she will be requesting a Social Security number.
  •  Draft of TEAMS Offer letter. (See TEAMSLOFFERGUIDE).
  •  Print screen from the OIG exclusions database ( – required for all TEAMS positions.
  •  C.V. of Final candidate.

For those employees with clinical responsibilities, if the CV does not indicate the state in which they hold a clinical license, please obtain the information and include it in the body of your email.

10. After letter is approved by the COM-HR office you may forward the original letter to your final candidate with the following documents for completion/signature and return.

  • For US Citizen or Permanent Resident, Click here for further instruction.
  • For Foreign National, Click here for further instruction.

11. Submit On-boarding Request at time of offer acceptance.

Updated: 9.5.19