Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are we receiving new badges (overlays)?

A: The new overlays will help improve the UF Health experience for our patients, visitors and colleagues by clearly identifying each wearer by name and role. We will present ourselves in a more consistent way and show we are connected under our unified brand name: UF Health.

Q: Will I be required to wear my current badge as well as the overlay?

A: Yes. All UF Health faculty, staff, residents and volunteers will be required to wear their current UF Gator1 ID card with the overlay attached over the top so the new piece is visible and facing out.

Badge Function

Q: Will my original badge still have the same technical functions? (clocking in/out, paying for meals, gaining access to secured areas)

 A: Your original badge will still have the same functions as before.

Badge Appearance

Q: Will the badge display my full name or can we pick a nickname or shortened name?

A: All badges will display full names for identification purposes.

Q: How will the overlay reflect the employer of the wearer — will they say UF or UF Health Shands?

A: The overlays will reflect either ‘University of Florida’ or ‘Shands Teaching Hospital and Clinics, Inc.’ beneath the name. These are our legal employer names that must be reflected.

Q: Will the new overlays fit inside a clear sleeve and/or on our current/standard badge clips? Or will they require a new clip?

A: The new badge will not fit inside of a clear sleeve, but it will fit on your current/standard badge clip.

Photos & Distribution

Q: How will badges be distributed?

A: We will be in contact with each of your departments as to how we will distribute the badges.

Q: If I work at an offsite location, will my picture be taken as well?

A: Yes, any COM employee can go to the HSC Gator1 office to get their photo taken for these ID badge overlays.