DEA Registration

Incoming physicians must apply for a DEA number if they do not already have one.

Applications are also available on the DEA website (See QUICK LINKS)

The applicaton may be submitted while awaiting the Florida license or Medical Faculty Certificate. Since managed care organizations require the DEA, credentialing approval will not be granted without a current valid (i.e. current practice address) DEA.

Federal Regulations governing DEA registration provide an exemption from registration fees ($390) for any individual practitioner who is required to obtain an individual registration to carry out his or her duties as an official of any state agency. The practitioners at the University of Florida qualify for this exemption.

When renewing your DEA registration using Form 224A,  online question # 7 asks for Certification for Fee Exemption. The form also asks for the name of the “Certifying Officer.” This would be your department chair.

Please note – this is an exemption from paying registration fees. You are still required to register and to comply with any other requirements or duties prescribed by law.  

Drug Enforcement Administration
Miami: (305) 994-4870
Gainesville: (352) 371-2077
Tampa: (813) 287-5160
Washington: (202) 305-8500

Incoming physicians who already have a DEA number will need to have it transferred to Florida. To do this, a physician must request it in writing (with his original signature). It must contain his existing DEA number, his previous and new address. The physician must also attach a copy of his DEA registration certificate and a copy of his new Florida license or MFC.

This request needs to be sent to:

Attention: Registration
WESTON, FL 33326


Sample Letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please change the address on my DEA Controlled Substance Registration Certificate #___________,( copy enclosed) to:

	Department of _________________
	University of Florida College of Medicine
	PO Box _____________
	Gainesville, FL 32610

Previous address: (List previous address)

My (state new faculty is coming from) license is __________, and my Florida license number is ____________, (copy enclosed).

If you have any questions, please call me at (352)________.


New Faculty , M.D.


Under current policy, the University of Florida requires that all individuals working with DEA controlled substances be registered with the DEA and complies with state and federal regulations regarding the acquisition, storage, use and disposal of those substances. The Division of Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Florida is responsible for assisting principal investigators in complying with any applicable rules and regulations.

Additional information can be found on the EHS website: EHS Web Page

Additional information can be found on the DEA Homepage.

Questions regarding DEA applications or change of address process can be directed to (800) 667-9752.