Blood Borne Pathogens

BBP training records should be in myTraining, not myUFL. The options to capture an individual’s BBP training completion are below.

  • Have a department representative run a Course Report.
    Navigation: Reporting>Dashboard>Library. Then search for BBP.
    Select BBP/BMW Training Completion Report
    Use the Option Icon in the upper-right-hand corner and enter the individual User Number (UFID)
    This option requires specific security through the Department Security Administrator.

    • Security Role: UF_N_EL_REPORTER
      If the department rep already has the UF_N_EL_PROXY role, no other role should be needed
    • Authority Area: UF (must be entered or the security request will be denied)
    • DeptID setup for myUFL HRMS will designate which department
  • Have the individual provide you with a copy of the training completion diploma.
    Navigation: Learner>Learn>Learning Activity Reports: Learning Transcript
    Select the Diploma icon to the left of the activity and print or export to PDF
    Online training completions should show immediately in an individual’s transcript.