Observe Patient Care/Restricted Info

  • In general, no volunteer is allowed access to restricted data including but not limited to: Personal Health Information, Financial Information, Student Records or Human Resource Information. (Access will be allowed in limited cases with signed approval from the Privacy Office.)
  • If your volunteer is going to have Patient Contact or Animal Contact, a Health Assessment is required. It will be up to the department who will be responsible for paying the related charges for the assessment and required vaccines.
  • Volunteers must complete either HIPAA & Privacy – General Awareness or HIPAA for Researchers (if they will be involved in research activities) and sign UF’s Confidentiality Statement prior to visiting. Other requirements may also apply; be sure to check with the sponsoring department. (Note: “signing” includes registering the volunteer’s information in the Privacy Office database. Actual signatures are not required by the Privacy Office).
  • For clinical departments, the volunteer must attend a Mandatory Compliance training session (unless exempted by the General Counsel office) usually held at 11am on Thursdays in Room 4223 of the 1329 Building. If the volunteer is unable to make that training session, he/she should call 265-8359 to schedule a one-on-one session. He/she will be required to renew training online each subsequent year.
  • Be sure that the individual will not receive any monetary or material compensation from any source for his or her volunteer service.
  • While the individual is providing volunteer services, he or she will be covered by the University’s worker’s compensation policy or state liability protection as appropriate.
  • Both the volunteer and the supervisor should sign the form. If the volunteer is a non-resident alien, you must attach a copy of their I-94 card.
  • Each department should maintain auditable records of the number, location, and duties of volunteers, along with the number of hours of service provided to the department.
  • Volunteer assignments of relatives or related persons in the same department are subject to the same restrictions outlined in University of Florida Regulation 6C1-1.009 Employment of Relatives.