Administration Space (Non-Research)

The purpose of the Space Advisory Committee (SAC) is to advise and make recommendations to the COM Chief Operating Officer about policies, strategies, and initiatives related to space.
The SAC will provide a forum for space planning. The committee will set priorities and, based on those priorities, will evaluate requests and determine areas for growth and/or change. Within this context, requests will be presented to COM/Health Affairs Leadership. Evaluations will keep the following goals in mind:

  • Use of existing space resources to a better advantage.
  • Explore opportunities to renovate outdated spaces.
  • Maintain a list of current occupied and vacant space.
  • Prepare and maintain a detailed priority list of future needs/projects.

Types of Space Review

New Space Request: A department that can demonstrate the need for new or additional space can submit a request to the COM Space Advisory Committee. Space requests will be met based upon space availability, timing, and how the request fits within the context of the COM strategic plan. Recruiting space will generally come from within the academic unit’s existing space. Should additional space be required, it will be assigned from the Dean’s reserve of vacant space at the discretion of the Dean.

Renovation Request: Any renovation to COM space will be reviewed by the COM Space Advisory Committee before a project can be submitted to UF Planning, Design, & Construction or UF Health Shands Facilities Development.

Reassignment of Space: Reassignment of space within a department does not need to be reviewed by the COM Space Advisory Committee.

Review Process

Step 1- Submit Request: The department administrator submits a Space Request Form to the COM COO for review by the COM Space Advisory Committee.

Submit an Administration Space Request

Step 2 Review Request: The COM Space Advisory Committee will review space allocation needs and all new space allocation requests on a monthly basis and make recommendations to the Dean. The Dean (or their designee) will render a final decision, with consideration of the Space Advisory Committee’s recommendations and priorities, to approve or deny all requests.

Step 3 Request Action: The COM Space Advisory Committee will assess space requests against institutional priorities and makes recommendations to the Dean for final approval. The Dean retains the sole right to approve, deny, defer, or make alternate decisions in response to a request.

Step 4 Notification: After a decision, requestors will receive notification from the COM COO’s office stating the outcome of their request.

Step 5 Execution: Approved projects requiring some measure of construction will work with either UF Planning, Design, & Construction or UF Health Shands Facilities Development department, depending on the building/location. Project updates will be monitored by the COO’s office.

If you are unsure as to which project request to submit, please contact Mindy Pulliam in the Dean’s Office (

Project Request for UF Health Shands Facilities

Project Request for UF Planning, Design & Construction